Sunday, February 17, 2013


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Being home has been hard.
They say home is where your heart is,
but I can't quite figure out where my heart is.

Before I left for Florida, I was in an all time low.
I seriously felt the lowest of the low.
I had just broken up with my boyfriend which resulted in losing a friendship I had had for 5 years.
Big change.
I then made the life-changing decision to apply for the Disney College Program.
I won't pretend to love this program, but I love the experience it gave me.
It was also another big change.
I moved 3000 miles away from my friends and family and a life I had known for 20 years.
I got on that plane and second guessed whether this change was a good one.

Before I left, because of the changes going on in my life,
I pushed away everyone close to me.
I was mean.
I was scared.
I was wrong.

I somehow convinced myself that if I pushed everyone away,
that it would be easier to say goodbye.
I just didn't realize that it would make it harder to say hello again.

Thankfully, my best friend understood,
and even though I apologize almost daily for being such a dork,
she is still here.

I can't say the same for others though.
I ruined friendships.
I let being scared take over my emotions.
I was numb.
I was dumb.
I was wrong.

After saying for so long that I wanted to live my life with no regrets,
I have a regret.
This is my regret.
I let my fear of such a drastic change rule my judgement.
Don' t make my same mistake.

Being back, I have struggled with this new change.
I feel like I don't belong;
that everyone has their own lives that don't include me.
Everything is different, yet oddly the same.
The tiniest details that are sure to make you insane.
I feel like I fell asleep for the entirety of last year
and dreamed the most wonderful dream of my time in Disney.
I then woke up, and worked with different people
Lost friends, as well as gained some all over the world.
It sounds like an odd thing to say,
but a dream is all I can say about how it feels to come back to the same routine.

Change is scary.
It's unpredictable.
Sometimes it's unwanted.
It's needed.
It doesn't care what hardships are going on in your life.
It doesn't guarantee a happy ending.
It is entirely up to you to decide what you're going to do with the change.
It's up to you to decide to accept the change and make your own happily ever after.

Be the change you wish to be in the world.

Challenge accepted.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Things of my Soul...

I had to write a blog post about what I am thankful for this year because there is so much! My heart is indeed full.

First of all, I am thankful to my Father in Heaven. He has given me this amazing life with such amazing talents and experiences... I wouldn't trade it for anything. I am in constant awe of Him and His power. I love Him always.

An extremely close second, I am thankful for my family. They are so incredible. They have supported me through thick and thin. They have supported me in my dreams and encouraged me to stick things out when times get rough. They have always been there for me and been great examples!! I could ramble on forever about my amazing family, but they get that a lot :)

I am thankful for my friends back at home. They have supported me and loved me despite my weaknesses. I am thankful for the friends at home--both those that I was close with before I got here, and those I've gotten close with out here (Yes, you Marshall, you wonderful soul you!)

I am especially thankful for miss Michelle.. I would be sincerely lost without you, my dear. I can't believe I tried to live my life without you for a few months before I left! What an idiot I am! I cannot wait to come and see you! You are so incredibly strong and amazing. Ah. I could ramble on about you for eternity.. Really though... I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

My focus this year, is being thankful for the year I have had. Wow. I have had an insane year. Most importantly, I have been given such an fantastic opportunity.
I am thankful to be working at the place Where Dreams Come True.
Even though not all of my dreams have come true with this company yet,
I wouldn't be the same person if they had.
I wouldn't have met the people I have.

To my stellar roommates:
We have gotten so close.
I am so grateful to have gotten you lovely ladies as my roommates!
I know we'll be friends for life because of this experience,
And even though it is soon coming to an end, 

I have gotten so close to you!
Plus our stuffed animals are friends ;)
Come live with me in Utah!
Really though..............

You make me laugh probably every day that I see you!
I am so glad I have gotten to know you!

You and Ralph are so cute!
I'm going to miss hearing about your day!
I'm glad you're our roommate!
...Even though we don't see you a lot!

We have stuck with our little room this entire time!
We have sat up and laughed at night,
As well as had times when we don't necessarily agree..
Best of luck to you in your extension!
I'm super jealous!

You are so gorgeous!
Really though..
Your mane of hair is beautiful!
I'm extremely jealous :)

You are a super model!
Go for it!
Live your dream!
I'm glad we knew each other on this adventure!

Even though you're not here with us in Florida anymore,
You're still a part of our Disney family.
I cannot wait to see you in just a couple weeks!
I feel like I got to know you and grew close to you in the amount of time you were here.

We all better stay in contact!
I cannot wait to see where each of us end up in life
And what adventures we have :) 
I love you, girls!

The first person to know me the very first few hours I got here!
..Even though you hated me..
I am so glad I got to know you
And that I stuck out Pizzafarti with you ;)
We have laughed, cried, sang, made up a secret language, and just had a blast together!
I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't see you every day and share stories!
I'm just going to have to move with you and Micaela to California!

You are such a sweet girl!
I think I was in complete awe of how adorable you are the first second I met you!
You are so genuinely nice and wonderful.
The closest to a real princess any one can get to :)
(that's a compliment lol)
I'm going to miss you and Savi so much :(

Wonderful, Scottish Becky.
I miss you every day since you left!
I don't think there's a day that we don't bring you up at least once at work!
I hope you're having a blast in Scotland,
And I hope you know I'm going to come visit you asap!

Dhrusha, Dhrusha, Dhrusha.
I don't know what I'm going to do when I can't see you everyday...
I'm going to have to move to England :)
I'm so grateful that we have become so close!
You really are one of my closest and dearest friends!
I will come to England for good some day!
And it will be the best EVER!!!! ;)

Cheers xx

Monday, November 12, 2012

Just another Disney day...

I need to post about a few things I have done in the last month!

For about the last two months, I have dedicated my time to singing in the Candlelight Processional.

Aw look! It's me ;)
I cannot wait to perform!
But more on that in a different post!

October was a busy month for me.
I worked like crazy,
I at at the Sci-Fi Diner in Hollywood Studios,
I saw the Perks of Being a Wallflower,
And Food and Wine Festival was in full swing.

I also got to do something major and amazing....
I got to eat at the the new Be Our Guest restaurant for free!
For those who don't know, New Fantasyland opens here on December 6th.
Be Our Guest is in the New Fantasyland and is not open to the public yet.

It was so incredible.

So beautiful! AAAANNNND it snows outside the windows! And the west wing has a flower that loses petals and a canvas that changes from prince to beast! Fantastically well done! I cannot wait to eat here with my roommates for the dinner part!

Be Our Guest opens December 6th with the Grand Opening of the New Fantasyland.
During the day, it is a super yummy quick service meal open to the general public.
At night it turns into a beautiful restaurant :)

Still on the subject of the New Fantasyland,
Being a Cast Member has its perks!
I had the opportunity to attend the cast preview for the new fantasy land!

We got to ride the new Little Mermaid ride!
And we got to meet Ariel in her fin!

And Gaston in Belle's village!

I had the opportunity to attend Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween party twice.
So many pictures and exciting moments! 
Yes, I did have two different costumes!
One pirate and one Tink :)

This woman was the PERFECT Cruella. I had to meet her twice!


Minnie Manifique in Storybook Circus

Abu!! And Genie and Aladdin! 
Dhrusha fits right in!

Prince Phillip and Aurora!
He is so tall!!
And I am so short!

Madison, Dhrusha, and I with Prince Frederick and Snow White!

I don't remember her cute name...
But this is also in Storybook Circus :)

I was so incredibly excited to meet him!
His fingers are soo long!
..yes.. I am doing a princess pose...

Seven Dwarves!
I got to hug Grumpy :)

Tarzan and Jane!
Yes, he is only wearing a loin cloth...
He kept telling me I was an insect...

Mad Hatter and Alice :)

Captain Jack Sparrow!
Unfortunately, both times we went, it wasn't the real deal...
But Johnny Depp was there for a few of the nights :)

Mickey and Minnie in their costumes :)

AH! Flynn and Rapunzel!
Favourite moment of that night...
**drum roll please**

He is trying to get pixie dust off my dress so he can fly with me!
So in love <3

Tiana and Naveen :)

Prince Charming and Cinderella!

The whole reason for going a second time was so I could meet Malificent.
I totally met her!
..But alas, the pictures are not up yet :(
I'll post them asap though!

Animal Kingdom had a party!
I found a Peter Pan!

To any of you who have doubts about loving my time out here....
No more doubts...
I am loving this experience!!
Do I love where I work? No.
Do I love who I work for? Yes. :)


Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Many of you know that I am currently working for one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies in the world: Disney. I have been working for Walt Disney World for almost 3 1/2 months in Quick Service at Animal Kingdom. I feel like I can finally pass some judgement and more light to what I do every day.

When I got out here, I was told I would have a specific role in Entertainment.
Imagine my surprise when I got a little slip of paper saying Pizzafari.
I. Hated. My. First. Day.
I honestly wanted to go home.
I was not happy and honestly was tempted to get back on a plane.
But, I chose to stay and wait in long lines to try sorting out my job situation.
Because I came as College Program, there was nothing any one could do for me.
After finding this out, I went to my new apartment to meet complete strangers.
8 girls living in one apartment. Yikes, right?
This is my roommates and I at our very first family dinner :)
From right to left: Madison, Liane, Torie, Cecilia, Melanie, Stevani, myself, and Shanelle.
I couldn't have chosen better roommates if I tried!
We all get along! ..for the most part! <3

Despite having awesome roommates, I still wanted to go home.
Who would want to work for Pizzafari after being offered Entertainment?
No one.
Luckily, I met these two gorgeous girls who befriended me and wouldn't let me quit.

Becky and Savannah.
I would be lost without them and would certainly have gone home if it weren't for them.
Becky has left and is back in Scotland, and we miss her so much!
I can't wait to go and visit her :)

Having friends at work has helped me not go home yet.
In fact, it has helped me reach my half way mark:)

Despite having a few issues,
Not having my car,
Missing friends, family, and my puppy,
Disney has its perks.
I get to go into all the Disney Parks for FREE!
You better believe I have used that to my advantage ;)
I get to cross things off of my bucket list:
Going backstage in the four Disney World Parks and Downtown Disney,
Meeting characters,
Seeing shows,
Eating around the world in Epcot,
Things like that :)

As well as some not so disney things:

I am also looking forward to finally performing here at Disney World!
Candlelight in Epcot is going to be amazing and gives me something to look forward to:)

Here are some photos of my adventures!
First time riding Dinosaur!
Gorillas! ..I look impatient lol..
Tink and Captain Hook!
He was the scariest character I've met!
Spit spot!
My reaction to Aladdin telling me Genie had a crush on Tinker Bell :)
Love them!!
 Winnie the Pooh and Stitch give the BEST hugs. I have met them more times than I can count because I love giving them hugs!
Aw, my roommates are so pretty :)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Clearwater :)

Wow. I haven't gotten on here in forever, and a LOT has changed. I am still working for Disney in Orlando, and I must say... I don't want to leave Florida. I like being on my own and making my own decisions. I also like the perks of getting into Disney parks for free as well as having a blue card that gets me discounts almost everywhere I go. Man, I am going to miss that card when I have to give it back in January. I have also been considering extending... It is complicated though so we'll see what happens. I miss my family so much :(

Happenings since I last got on:

Kynia left and went back home to Utah :( at least she's happier :)

I have learned that I can do this on my own, but my roommates rock!

I miss my car :(

And I miss my sweet puppy :(

I went to Clearwater Beach!

It was soo warm!!! I actually got to swim in the ocean!

It's sad that we didn't stay long, because I really wanted to go parasailing :(
Oh well, next time :)

Sorry this post is so short! 
I'll be on again soon:)
~Ricky ticky

Sunday, July 15, 2012

None whatsoever

I have learned a lot by being in Florida, living on my own.

I have learned how to crack an egg with one hand.

I have learned to budget.

I have learned to cook and eat out less.

I have learned patience with others.

I have learned that people are mean, but the ones that aren't make it worth it.

I have learned that even though it is sweltering in Florida, wait a couple hours and it'll be down pouring AND be sweltering.

I have learned that we all come from different backgrounds and no one should judge another because they don't know what the others are going through.

I have learned that I can do hard things.

Being out here is hard.
It's the hardest thing I have ever done.
I miss my family.
I miss my friends.
I miss my puppy.
I miss my bed.
I miss my car.
I miss respect.
I miss a lot.

I have been considering coming home lately.
Work sucks and I can go home and get paid more and like my job more.
The busses to work are the WORST.
I'm not allowed to play Tinkerbell because I'm college program.
I don't want to extend til next June--This is the one thing I know without a doubt.
But do I want to go home?
Or do I want to stay?

Having my family, friends at home, and friends here giving me encouragement makes this worth it.
To know they support me  no matter what, is the best thing in the world.

I am especially learning this more as I am here.


...and help me in my decision.

Obviously I am here for a reason at this time.
And I surely don't believe it's just so I can go home.
If I were to have given up and gone home,
I should have done that my first day of hating this--
Not a month into it.

And who knows?
Maybe I'll change my mind and go home later.
But how can I go home without trying my hardest to stay here til January?
How can I go home knowing I will regret that decision and wish to come back and finish the program.

Do I love the program?
Hell no.
Would I ever suggest college program to anyone?
Not without telling them my experience.
Am I going to go home because of the big things that are making my life hell?
Or am I going to stick it out because of the small happy things I find every day?

I need to look at the positive more and less at the negative.
I love Florida.
My roommates rock
(even when we don't get along..).
I am surrounded by foreigners who tell me I'm beautiful.
I have some cool coworkers
(Among the ones I don't like so much).
I get to go to the Disney Parks for free.
I can lay out at the pool any time I feel like it.
I get to see amazing shows.
Do I get to be in them?? No. Not yet. But maybe someday.

And I honestly, am so lucky to have Kynia here with me.
I know she wants to go home and hates it like I do...
But I wouldn't be out here if it wasn't for her, and I owe her one!
And I will support whatever decision she makes
(Even though I'm hoping she'll stick it out with me).
Love you Phineas!!

Cheers! Xoxo